Times are strange these days and our natural way of moving about the world is suddenly in question. We have been secluded in the safety of our homes but as we slowly emerge and venture back out into the world, we will seek to instill confidence in our staff and clients that they will be welcomed and secure as they return to our places of business.

So how do we create safe and compelling environments that inspire us to return to our offices? Here are a few things to consider:

COMMUNICATE. The most comforting thing you can do is to keep staff, vendors and contacts informed. When we know what to expect, we feel in control, empowered and feelings of safety and security return. Consult with staff and contacts to discuss their feelings about transitioning back to public interaction. These discussions will inform policies, procedures and environmental changes for your business and in turn, will lay the foundation for the path back to in-person collaboration.

ORGANIZE AND SANITIZE. There is often nothing more gratifying than visiting a clean, organized and well-designed space. Your business environment represents your culture, values and unique expertise. An organized and simplified space promotes focus, productivity and clarity of thought. Review your cleaning processes and standardize the frequency of cleanings and products being used to ensure your environment is regularly sanitized.

RE-ARRANGE. Before your business officially re-opens, re-assess how your staff and visitors will interact and move through your space. Opportunities to reconfigure and adapt furniture and layouts can resolve communication and coordination issues as well as improve personal adjacencies. Studying your office layout may even result in more efficient use of your space and may reveal opportunities to reduce functions and can translate into significant savings.

RE-FRESH. Consider areas where clutter can be reduced, where storage and organization options can be improved. There is no better time to make improvements, repairs, re-brand, re-fresh and welcome your staff back. Knowing improvements are being made will compel and motivate employees and clients to return.

PROVIDE. Review what you have heard and learned from your conversations and communications with your staff and clients. Take actions to provide for things that have been identified during those sessions whether it be PPE or organizational suggestions. Nothing demonstrates honor and respect for one another more than physically demonstrating that we have been heard.

REPEAT. Commit to this continued process of self-evaluation and improvement. Perpetuating this process will ensure the infinite growth, success and happiness of your staff and ultimately your business.

At J2 Studio we are well versed with the optimization of space and how crucial the effectiveness and efficiency of your office is to your bottom line. We care about the health, safety and comfort of you and your staff but in these unusual times, it is more important than ever to take these concerns into consideration when adapting your space to accommodate new safety concerns.

If you would like expert guidance and resources to re-fresh, re-vitalize and thrive beyond today’s challenges, call us at 908.621.0559 or email [email protected], we are here to help.

Check back for our next discussion on transitioning your temporary home office into a more formal, functional area to collaborate, focus and reflect.